@Mike-Ralston said: @ScottAlanMiller Have any Game Consoles since the jump to 32 bit really made any sort of crazy leaps? Nintendo seems to be bringing up the tail end of the pack, but Consoles have yet to compare with their PC counterparts. Consoles never did, not from the very first Atari 2600 rolled off the lines. There is no way that they can. They cost too little and take too long to develop. They are appliances. They are easy, they are simple, they are a different market. What makes Sony, Microsoft and previously Sega systems good was that they were solid gaming machines that were fun to use and had libraries of great games. Nintendo gave up on that three generations ago. It stopped innovating and trying to make a good gaming platform and instead trying gimmicks. All they make now are gimmicks. They remake old games over and over again and release them on "new" platforms that are basically just their old platforms with new, ridiculous controllers. They don't make these controllers because they making gaming better, they make them because they are easier than making gaming better.